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School Year 2015-2016 Opens!

Welcome to the mamboSchools Elementary web site. I believe you will find our website informative and a useful tool to gather information regarding mamboSchools Elementary.  As we enter the new decade, take note of our new Twitter presence. Visit our page and follow us on the site, your mobile or portable device.

mamboSchools is an outstanding elementary school where we are committed to the success of each of our students. Strong parental involvement in the education of their children is a vital component to our success. WTeacher with Childrenorking together, we are helping the children grow into readers, writers, creative thinkers, and problem solvers, as we prepare them for life in the 21st century.

Our school is a traditional elementary school with 320 students, kindergarten through fifth grade. The educators, support staff, and volunteers work together to provide an outstanding program where each student has an opportunity to achieve his or her potential in a safe and nurturing environment. Our School Improvement Plan guides our continuous school improvement efforts.

There are many ways for you to communicate with us. Our address, phone numbers, and email address are listed here on the website. The school site council meets monthly to discuss, support, decide, and communicate school policy. Meetings are listed in the school newsletter. The mamboSchools PTO meets monthly and provides solid support for the students and staff. We look forward to hearing from you regarding anything that can help us continue to thrive as an excellent school.

Weekly Lunch Menus
Listed are the current lunch menus for each of the mamboSchools:

Lunch Menus

  1. Middle School MenuMiddle School Menu 425 downloads
  2. High School MenuHigh School Menu 338 downloads
  3. Elementary MenuElementary Menu 561 downloads

Mission Statement

The mamboSchools Elementary School staff, working cooperatively with the community, will challenge all students to develop their minds through academic excellence, their hearts through respect for self and others, and their spirits through pride in achievement in order to contribute positively to a diverse and global society.

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"Sounds of Autumn" presented by Drama 4 Class on Nov. 29 @ 7PM in the mHS Theatre.
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